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    Edit Post How to Ready Your F1 Visa Application Before the Interview Organizing files for an visa request to review in the usa can be quite a method that is difficult. This easy-to-follow guidebook traces the thing as a way to officially research in the US, you need to-do. Advertisement Actions Fill out the online visa application form (DS-160). Fit “DoesN’t Implement” for almost any data regarding American people and citizens, including Social Security Amount. Ad Pay your SEVIS payment (US $200) online through the Form I-901 program. Here you need to complete the I-901 form (important information involves the college code, your SEVIS quantity both produced around the I-20 type) and spend the charge using a charge card. Printing the bill on your files. You may also spend this cost such by posting a cash order to the Division of Homeland Security or using Western Nation’s Quick Pay Service. Arrange an interview session and spend US $160 credit program fee. Convey these files towards the interview: Your legitimate passport (appropriate for at the very least 6 months in the time of interview) Variety I20 SEVIS fee paid receipt Visa request charge receipt Interview consultation notice Request verification site (with bar code) Economic supporting papers Skills – Degree/Level certificates Transcripts Proof English skill if suitable(TOEFL) Standard examination results if applicable (SAT, ATC, GRE, GMAT).

    Now within each piece, choose what lessons you can do.

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    Send Methods Contemplate preparing them in separate records or having a coverpage listing the documents you’ve. Ensure your documents accumulated in a folder and are comprehensive. Being organized makes things more easy for the consular officer. Alerts This is just a guide that is rough. Every individual place may have about what files to create extra requirements. Contact consulate or the united states embassy inside your region to request a checklist. Things You May Need A Passport A Passport Picture A finished DS-160 kind (online) A target for where you will stay in America Software fees Your F1 Charge to be interviewed for by a scheduled appointment Test Results Entrance into university or an American college