Our methodology is to make the education stress free, all the while preparing them for a bright future

At The British School, we have synthesized the skills of the CBSE curriculum with global outlook. This combination will help to develop a “global child”. Our skill oriented curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child through the use of various learning materials and offers a dynamic individualized learning environment to meet the needs of each student. TBS curriculum caters to the developing mind of the child. The school curriculum is so designed as to take the children away from the boredom of the blackboards and introduce them to a world of imagination, creativity, exploration, experiences and experiments.

Foundation Years
Reception Year to Foundation Year III ( 2 to 5.6 Years)

At The British School, we aim to provide our students with a friendly and stimulating environment where children feel secure and are able to develop to their full potential. Our Reception Year has been embedded in Foundation Year I for children between (2 years to 2.5 years) They move to FY I depending upon their performance and after a meeting of parents and the principal. R Year is designed to enrich a child's development in a holistic manner. Each child's developmental journey is met with love and interest, and the overall environment nourishes the child physically, emotionally and socially with a calm and joyful experience filled with magic and fun.

The Child’s Growth through Play

Play activities consume most of the child’s time and through play they learn about themselves and their place in the world. This play world stimulates all phases of the child’s growth such as physical, social, emotional and intellectual. The child’s world widens as he learns to make friends and participates in group activities. Education here is a joyful, creative and an exhilarative experience as their classrooms combine wonder and energy, while fostering a tone that allows even the most quiet and sensitive child an equal opportunity to interact with the teachers and helpers. Each day in school is different and filled with new discoveries. Children learn through their senses and movements through everyday activities i.e Instruction, Practice & Imitation.

Physical Growth

The equipment and material for the Foundation Years is specially planned to meet the e child’s needs. Children are challenged to use their large and small muscles while playing  g on slides, swings, rocking boats and while drawing/painting etc.  They enjoy the freedom  off rhythm.

Rhythm is central to TBS and it gives children a strong and secure foundation that fosters growth and development. Regular visits to religious places, parks, zoo etc, enable children to develop habits of care and service. Observation and a respect for nature are also fostered which creates a healthy foundation for our science and social studies curriculum. The Foundation Year teachers create cognitive stimulation to engage the child in active thinking, discovery learning and environmental interaction by celebrating all seasonal, religious and national festivals. Children develop socially and emotionally as they become a member of a large social group: they make friends and learn to take criticism, share their possessions with others etc. They find satisfaction in independent activity as well as pleasure in group experience.

Language Arts

The overall aim is to develop skill in all phases of communication, listening, speaking and writing. This is done through stage activities like Stage Poise Proficiency (SPP) , Rhymes and songs , story recall and free conversation.


Teachers make sure that children finish their tiffins and also make them learn basic table etiquettes.

Primary & Middle Section

Formal teaching of academic subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies and General Science is based on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) and CBSE Curriculum. In addition, students learn computers, fine arts, craft, music and dance. A third language (French/ Punjabi) is added in Class- 5.

While the general curriculum is followed by every student he or she is also encouraged to develop talents and interest in personal areas of academic interest in sports theatre, music and dance for which facilities are outstanding.

Homework is given to encourage and develop independent study skills and to complement particular fields of study.

Art - Artwork provides a backdrop to many areas of school life. In co- curricular work using illustration and graphics , posters and programmes for plays and concerts , project books and presentations, Art and Design is acknowledged as the foundation of how we communicate in words and pictures.

ICT - We recognize that ICT has now become an important part of our lives. It is therefore essential that we play our part not only in introducing students to the technology of today but also in providing them with the knowledge , skills and understanding so that they can assume a proactive role in the world of tomorrow. Computer education begins from the Foundation Years.

Seminars / Talk shows are held by Procter and Gamble, Mission Salamati by the Traffic Education Cell organizes rallies and seminars to make students aware of the dangers of rash and careless driving. Seminars on cyber security etc are held on regular basis.

Senior Wing ( VI –X)

At the senior school students are imparted a formal syllabus based on a communicative and interactive approach as directed by CBSE. TBS tries to inspire the best in students while celebrating their incisiveness and spontaneity and expecting them to master foundational skills and knowledge. Our curriculum works to make this core knowledge automatic, giving students the academic stamina to forge ahead. Our global learning opportunities, competitive sports and rich, varied student clubs inspire our students to reach their full potential. Our teaching team is the cornerstone of TBS education with a passion for their subject, their goal is your child’s success. Evaluation is continuous and comprehensive with regular assessments throughout the year.

Senior Secondary Wing (XI-XII)

Admission into the XI class is offered on the basis of the pre-board result and is confirmed after the declaration of the X CBSE result. TBS offers Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce & Humanities streams with a very competent staff to ensure academic excellence. We have an effective monitoring system to enhance student’s performance and give regular reviews and feedback to parents. Periodic counseling and career guidance is also given to students.


We assess students according to their class and age level.

In the Foundation Years we have a very informal system of assessment based on observation, class tasks, oral work and review sheets. In the Primary Section we have a blend of informal and continuous assessment, which is graded through a series of tests called Matrix. In the senior school assessments are in sync with the national curriculum and updated as per latest instructions from CBSE. Individual portfolios of student achievement are maintained which serve as an important mechanism for documenting progress. We have regular unit tests and Term exams to give a comprehensive performance feedback to parents.

Student Empowerment

To recognize leadership skills a team of office bearers that is Head boy, Head Girl and Captains from the senior most classes are elected in a democratic manner at the beginning of the school year. Each house is supervised by a House in-charge assisted by a team of teachers. All the students are divided into 4 houses namely: Edward, George, Henry and Richard to give them an identity and develop team spirit while taking part in school activities.

Community Outreach

On festivals like Diwali and Christmas children are encouraged to share their good fortune with the less fortunate. The school very actively participates in community service with regular visits to old age homes, school for the visually impaired, cancer society and orphanages in and around the city. Rallies are held to sensitize people on environmental and social problems.

Activity Clubs

In order to widen the experimental horizon of students and hone their creativity, the school encourages a spectrum of club activities where students spend time in participating in clubs of their choice like Literary, Art & Craft, Music , Dance, Martial Arts and Sports Clubs.


Physical education is an integral part of school life. All the main team games like Basket ball, Football,Cricket and individual games like Lawn Tennis, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Skating, Chess, Carrom, Martial Arts and Athletics are offered. Endeavour is to identify and train new talent amongst the students. Regular Inter house sports competitions and participation in Punjab and CBSE Cluster Games are conducted. Students have brought laurels to the school by clearing the Zonal, District and State to reach the National Level in most of the games.

Annual Features

For all round development an array of activities are conducted annually which contribute to the liveliness and energy on the campus.

Participation is encouraged in all Inter School Events like Art, Quiz, Music, Dance etc in collaboration with “Camlin “Derek O Brien” and Hindustan Times . Various other Inter house activities like literary, cultural and sports are also keenly contested throughout the year.

An Annual Function is held with 100% participation to showcase the talent that the students have acquired throughout the year. A classwise exhibition is also held annually where the students exhibit their projects. These projects are assessed based on creativity innovation, team-work and general presentation.

Regular excursions are organized for students which play a vital role in building self confidence and general awareness.