Beyond the Basics – Tinkerbells Play Way

We at TBS believe wholeheartedly that every child deserves the best possible start in life and support to fulfill their potential. The Play Way rooms are large, airy, air conditioned with easy access to washrooms, pantry and outdoors as required. The Teacher: child ratio is 1:15 and this allows us lot of flexibility in our approach and enables us to respond quickly to children’s developmental needs.

TinkerBells is driven by a commitment to
nurture your child’s potential from basics to beyond

Tinkerbells Play way is a stepping stone for Foundation Years. Our facilitators help the children to adjust to the new environment, nurturing them with enormous love and care as they are guided to become self – learners. The development of each child goes through a series of foundation processes, starting with the basics and aim at achieving the ultimate goal of happiness- the starting block of learning. A wide arena of monthly themes helps in capturing this developmental horizon. The playway curriculum gives an opportunity to every child to experiment with ideas and gain new experiences.

Transition from home to school

We have a well thought out transition for the ‘parents’, who are handing over their most precious possessions to us. For the first few days, at least one parent/ grandparent is encouraged to accompany the child to school and let the child get used to the surroundings. Once the child starts venturing inside the classroom on his own, the parent can leave the child for increasing length of time, till finally the child stays for the full four hours.

A team of highly qualified teachers who have attended various in house seminars in Basic Education, Psychology, Family Life and Child Development, Positive Discipline, and Music are at the helm of affairs. A friendly work environment and motivation to amplify qualifications has resulted in dedicated teachers with a passion for working with the little ones.

Safe Dispersal

The students are handed over only to the parents and authorized relatives.
A group picture of the child with all people authorized to pick up the child has to
be deposited in the school at the time of admission.

Thank You God for the world so sweet,
For the friends that we meet,
and the food that we eat,
Help me be the best I can be
Thank you all for You’ve given to me!