Our children must be inspired to look ahead and prepare themselves for finding their own unique place in the country and in the rapidly globalizing world.

The early, formative years are critical for channelling the mental and creative faculties of children in the right direction. At The British School, our young students will be provided with a conducive academic atmosphere for developing a real, life-long interest in learning and in the vast, limitless wonders and vistas it opens up for the mind. Together with our regular curriculum, we want our students to be exposed to an intellectual environment that opens up new windows to the world and expands their horizons, as well as acquaints them with the amazing ethics and cultural diversity of our country.

These deep-rooted values and systems will enable our young learners to stand strong and worthy on their feet to meet the challenges of life, have a sense of purpose, and be motivated by noble thoughts and aspirations. Our school has the very responsible function of grooming these young minds, nurturing their creativity and spirit of inquiry, while encouraging them to think, understand, observe, experiment and know for themselves. Our young learners will be given every opportunity to develop their intrinsic intelligence and joy in learning. They will learn to appreciate the tremendous power of knowledge.

Our children are the future of our nation. We want them to excel as students, make a success of their careers, be responsible citizens and above all good human beings.